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Unformed Ideas

The great thoughts come when my hands are on the wheel. Alone in the car, lost in a sad song, flooded by melancholy and the truth that bubbles from it. I ask Siri to take a note, but of course, that doesn't work. And I'm trapped by traffic and the bother of pulling over. However, the phrase sticks. And when I can, I tap it into my iPhone, ready to swipe at an opportune time. But when I revisit the words, they’re stale. There's no heat. I can't resurrect the meaning, the weight I felt alone in the car. But that unformed notion did what it was supposed to do.   That moment, that grief was the art and the healing. It was meant for me.

March Reads: Riley Sage, Raven Leilani, Tracy K. Smith, Wallace Stroby, Jean-Patrick Manchette

Home Before Dark by Riley Sage Family secrets are scary. A woman returns to a haunted house to learn the truth about her childhood.  Luster by Raven Leilani  A brutal, intoxicating story about loneliness, race, power, and privilege.  Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith  This was the life-giving read I needed. You should read it, too.  Heaven’s a Lie by Wallace Stroby  Full of heart and plenty of thrills, Stroby delivers another knockout. Breakneck pacing, a smart, tough and endearing heroine, and a villain you can’t help but like. It’s just great. Fatale by Jean-Patrick Manchette Aimee's on a mission to annihilate assholes. Who can blame her?