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Love Lifted Me | #365 Prompts

LOVE LIFTED ME We’d practiced "Love Lifted Me" in GAs until it sounded reasonably good. Well, Anna sounded good. I suppose it was expected since she was the preacher’s daughter and honestly blessed with an angelic voice. She carried any number the trio performed. This time, however, it was a quartet. The choir director had reluctantly invited me to join—I guess she felt it was her moral duty to include me while knowing I couldn't sing.   But I would do for a Sunday night service when the pews were mostly empty. I wasn’t nervous really, even though I’d never sang in front of an audience. And I had forgotten about my bouts of hysteria. Now, these little fits weren’t debilitating. Just brief and inappropriate responses to stressful situations. Like when my dad fell from the ladder and caught his foot in the rung. He was swinging by his sickled ankle, and all I could do was laugh. He grew angry, livid even, screaming at me to help, but I rolled on the ground in hilarious conv

No Way Out | #365 Prompts by Rebecca Makkai

NO WAY OUT It was unsafe to open my eyes. Could I be still enough to let the monster sleep and grow weaker with time? But with each flutter of my eyelids, my stomach roiled. My jaws ached. There was no way out. I knew it. I sighed. It was a mistake. Just enough movement to send me staggering to the toilet, retching bitter bile. I wiped my mouth and wilted on the floor. There was nothing left. Nothing since last night when I flung myself on the couch, stupid and loose-limbed. My dry mouth demanded water, but water was a risk. It could resurrect the nausea, bring back the spins. But it had to be done, so I pulled up to the sink, turned on the tap. It was cool and delicious right from the faucet. I took several gulps and sat down to wait. Nothing happened. Was I safe? Had I beaten it? I shakily stood and stumbled to the fridge. The chilled air felt incredible, but the greasy smell of takeout ambushed me, sent me running to the bathroom. (How did I move so fast?)  The precious water left m