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Film Noir: My Top 100

Under the myth of the American dream lurks a dark, seedy side — a gutter littered with broken hearts and despair. And yet, a stubborn sliver of hope endures, a longing for all things brighter. Here, two things exist at once, dancing like shadows in the night. A chiaroscuro, sometimes shining, sometimes bleak, but always entwined together. This is noir. Corrupt heroes and caustic criminals, sly grifters and easy marks, jilted lovers and tough-talking dames, all dreaming the hazy dream soaked in something we thirst for but can never taste. I love this stuff. I live and breathe it. And so for Noirvember, I tried to put together my top thirty film noirs, but my list grew too quickly. So I stopped at 100. And  yes, some are noir-adjacent.  :)   I truly hope you will find one that you enjoy.